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Crown Sorter


Feeds crown caps (beer bottle type) at speeds up to 1200 caps/min.


Formed stainless steel hopper and column with square stainless tubing legs.


  • Includes all special tooling necessary to run crown caps
  • Belt - 14 in (356 mm) or 24 in (610 mm) width grey polypropylene, depending on rate requirements
  • Hopper - 20 ft³ (.57 m³); approximately 45 in (1143 mm) from floor to lip of hopper
  • Discharge height - 90 in (2286 mm) standard
  • Flights - Stainless steel
  • Parts are discharged using medium pressure air from a regenerative blower; compressed air is not required
  • Belt and column top cover


  • Power is 480 VAC three phase
  • Belt motor is 480 VAC 3 phase with a variable frequency drive
  • Start/stop switch and speed control
  • "Track Full" sensor allows unit to be run independent of the machine it feeds
  • Door switches shut down machine in the event unwanted material enters hopper
  • NEMA 12 gray powder coated enamel enclosure


  • 30 ft³ (.84 m³) hopper; approximately 45 in (1143 mm) from floor to lip of hopper
  • Increased discharge height in increments of 12 in (305mm) to a maximum of 114 in (2896 mm)
  • NEMA 4X (304 stainless steel) electrical enclosure
  • 3/8 in (9.5 mm) Lexan hopper cover

Image of Crown Sorter