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Air Conveyor

To complement our line of orienting belt sorters, C.S. Engineering manufactures all equipment necessary for a complete installation. This includes bulk air conveying systems and single lane air conveyors for oriented parts. Whatever your cap handling needs. C.S. Engineering has the solution.
Oriented Part Air Conveyor

Our single lane air conveyors for oriented parts are used when the sorter can't be located near the capper. This method transports caps as far as necessary. Both quick change tooling and auto-adjusting tooling are available when required to handle different cap designs.

Picture of Air Conveyor
Bulk Air Conveyor

A large quantity of caps can be loaded and stored up to 100 feet (30 m) from the sorter with our bulk air conveying systems. The caps are transferred to the sorter pneumatically, through 5" diameter tubing, where they are then oriented and sent to the capper. This is useful when it is impractical to store palette loads of caps next to the sorter. Options include stainless steel or butyrate tubing and a cyclone cap decelerator/air diffuser for preventing damage to the caps.

Picture of Air Conveyor