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ECONO Series Sorter

Our ECONO Series Sorters are a low cost solution for applications with low feed rate requirements.
(Up to 500 caps/min)

ECONO Sorter Image
CSE14 Series Sorter

Our CSE14 Series Sorters are ideal for sorting small parts or low feed rate requirements for larger parts.
(Up to 1000 caps/min)

Card Image
CSE24 Series Sorter

Our CSE24 Series Sorters are ideal for higher feed rate requirements.
(Up to 2000 caps/min)

Card Image
CSE30/CSE36 Series Sorter

Our CSE30 and CSE36 Series Sorters are ideal for large caps and difficult parts.

CSE30 Sorter Image
Crown Sorter

Crown sorters are designed with special tooling to sort crown bottle caps.

CSE30 Sorter Image
Air Conveyor

Air conveyor for long distance feeding of oriented parts and bulk feeding of unoriented parts.

Air Conveyor Image
Custom Engineering

We can provide custom tooling and other accessories to accommodate your needs.

Dual Head Feeder Image